Marching in Solidarity – AIDS still kills , Treatment for all

Marching in Solidarity – AIDS still kills , Treatment for all

Over 8000 activists from South Africa and around the world marched to the International Aids Conference on Monday demanding to close the gap of 20 million people not on ARVs.

Gay men, sex workers, transgender people, people who use drugs and people living with HIV and allies took to the roads in solidarity bringing the focus on to the unmistakable gap in the political will to treat all those who living with HIV.

Every one of us who marched side by side had our own unique reasons. May it be for decriminalization, young people or forced sterilization, we were all bound by the urge to demand treatment for all.


35 years in to the HIV response, 20 million people out of 37 million people living with HIV are still not on treatment. People with AIDS still die in an age where modern medicine proves miracles. The political willingness of the world leaders prioritize destructive wars instead of saving lives when all tools proven successful is available.

Youth Voices Count supports the course as AIDS is the number one killed of adolescents living with HIV in Africa. Over 95% of new HIV infections among young people in Asia and Pacific occur among adolescent key populations and hence treatment is indispensable to stop adolescents dying with AIDS and to halt the onward transmission.

Join with us in our fight to end AIDS and put the 20 million on treatment .



Written by Niluka Perera


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