Statement of Youth Voices Count (YVC) on the accusations against its Board Member, KAMI SID

As a regional organization working for the rights and welfare of young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex individuals, including other sexual and gender minorities, we do not condone any form of harassment, abuse, assault, or maltreatment of young people by any individual regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We stand firm in our commitments to ensure that young LGBTIQ people are treated with utmost respect and without any discrimination.

We are saddened to learn of the recent accusations against our Board Member, Kami Sid from Pakistan, who allegedly molested, harassed and raped a 15 year old transgender girl that she and her partner employed. We have decided to indefinitely suspend Kami Sid from the organization’s governance body and membership.

This preventive suspension will be indefinite, until such time that the charges and accusations are resolved. This preventive suspension will mean she cannot carry the name of YVC or represent us in any way or form; and that her membership status is for all intents and purposes revoked for the duration of the suspension.

YVC takes these accusations seriously as we do not consider such acts, if proven true, as befitting of a YVC member and it does not harmonize with the values, principles and advocacy of YVC. This statement and the preventive suspension of Kami Sid will take into effect immediately.

Youth Voices Count Board and Core Working Group (CWG)