IGNITE! Small scale project – Indonesia

IGNITE! Small scale project – Indonesia

Erky is a passionate and vocal trans man activist from Indonesia. At age 24, he is advocating for the rights of his community inspiring other on his way.He a mentee of YVC IGNITE! mentorship program from Indonesia. He currently works as the Research and Development Head of Transmen Indonesia and serves as the Editor and Admin of Transhition ID (Online Resource Center and Peer Support for Transmen in Bahasa). Erky believes that as young people we need to be out of the box, creative and be prepared to be away from our comfort zones to realize positive changes in the society.

As a trans man himself Erky raises a strong voice in Indonesia for the rights of trans men. “Most of the trans men are hidden and face unique stigma and discrimination including domestic violence and health rights in certain circumstances” says Erky. “Indonesia is predominantly a Muslim country and trans men are victims of social challenges that are derived through religion and patriarchy” he further mentions.

As information is one of the main hindrance for trans men to enjoy their rights, Erky’s small scale project is aimed at developing a guide book for transmen to provide them information on their transitioning, health and rights. Not only for transmen community, the guide book will also provide a basic information of transmen to health providers. The project is the first step of the guide book and will focus on gathering initial data and information, desk review of available publications and will contribute to the first chapter of the guide book.

“Many trans men, especially from rural areas of Indonesia do not have access to information that can change their lives forever. As a result, they go through numerous challenges in their lives that some time result in depression, suicide behavior, and unsafe transition” says Erky. “My project will aim to address this void in information available specifically for trans men in Indonesia”.

This effort could be one of the first of its kind in the region to develop specific information for trans men. Erky also believes that he could reach to other organizations such as Asia Pacific transgender Network, UNDP and UNAIDS for further support in the next steps of the guide book.



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