“Because I could not fit in the pink and blue boxes of the society”

“Because I could not fit in the pink and blue boxes of the society”

A 17 year old guy runs away from his house to find his real self, the authentic self but that lil soul didn’t know then that this life completes its circle, at last you end up where you started from.

“I was always a topic to crack jokes on at school and also among family, my childhood is nothing but a bad memory”, says Rovin.

In spite of facing so many atrocities, harassment, assaults, bullying he didn’t quit. The fight actually started the day he ran away and possibly will go on till the day he takes his last breath. From working at a placement firm to working with the Fortune 500 best companies, he worked everywhere to earn his bread and butter ignoring the harassment that he goes through at the workplaces regularly.

“Earning livelihood, finding accommodation, or walking down the streets being “authentic” , is not cakewalk in India. You have to go through this trauma and pain every single day, until you follow the gender norms of the society or kill yourself”

After leaving all the four organizations within a span of 4 years, he was sure about the fact that neither did he want to beg on the streets nor did he want to get into sex work. Before fighting with the world one has to fight with one’s self and know what one wants for one’s self.

“Take care of the small things and big things will automatically fall in place”, says Rovin.

Rovin Sharma now uses the singular “they” pronouns and identify as “Genderqueer”, based out of Delhi and working for the visibility of gender non-conforming and non-binary folks, who are an important part of “Trans” community but are often neglected.

“Anybody who doesn’t fit in the binary of Male or Female is a “Transgender” and it’s a modern umbrella term which doesn’t just mean hijras “, says Rovin.

Rovin now is an ambassador to the LaLit Hospitality Group for Transgender Folks and working very closely in sensitizing the organization towards LGBTIQ people forming an Inclusive space that celebrates Diversity. The group has introduced all-inclusive toilets, gender neutral pronouns, gender neutral honorific titles and an ungendered manner of conversation. Rovin also stresses on the need of “comprehensive sexuality education” not only at colleges and schools but at workplaces too.

Rovin also performs drag as “Roveena Tampon” and is among the first few Drag Queens in India. Kitty Su is the first Night Club to introduce Drag Culture in India and behind all this is the queen of queens “Keshav Suri” – Executive Director of The LaLit Hospitality Group.

“Making drag mainstream in a country like India, where something like this is always looked down upon is a Revolution”, says Tampon.
India has acknowledged “third gender” but still doesn’t know what that means. UT has a Transgender Welfare Board that is focusing on the university level education which is fabulous.

“But dear board what are you doing about the trans children who are thrown out of their houses even before they finish their high school?”, asks Rovin.
We have a long way to go as a world but people like Rovin has a great vision for not just the country but the world.


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