#ShoutOutLoud: A Collection of Pride Month Stories

#ShoutOutLoud: A Collection of Pride Month Stories

Pride Month Publication Cover

As we culminated the Pride Month, Youth Voices Count is releasing “#ShoutOutLoud”, a collection of stories from young LGBTQ+ people in Asia and the Pacific region focused on their perception of PRIDE.

The Pride Month remains to be a universally observed, recognized and celebrated season where parades, gatherings and protests are held everywhere. Whether a protest action or a grand festival, the celebration generates stories from individuals which needs to be heard and acknowledged.

However, there is one reality that is least discussed. Is Pride celebrated or how is Pride celebrated in countries where LGBTIQ identities are criminalized?

We believe that this publication will open a window for all readers to catch a glimpse of young LGBTQ+ peoples’ hopes for a better future. We hope that this would encourage all readers to strive to create a safe and welcoming world where young LGBTQ+ people can thrive.

We are Out! We are loud! We are Proud! As we count our voices together, we welcome everyone to shout out loud with us!

READ THE FULL PUBLICATION HERE: #ShoutOutLoud: A Collection of Pride Month Stories


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