Youth Voices Count commemorates #IDAHOT2019

Statement of Youth Voices Count on IDAHOT 2019
By: YVC Regional Secretariat

Youth Voices Count commemorates the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia #IDAHOT2019. The theme for this year is “Justice & Protection for All”! Young LGBTIQ+ people continue to be disproportionately affected by discrimination in their access to education, employment, healthcare, and justice. Young MSM and Transgender face institutional barriers in accessing HIV & SRH services. Young LGBTI persons are often stigmatized in educational and employment settings and forced to conform to standards that violate their right to self-identify. Young people in many countries still do not have access to comprehensive sexuality education (CSE). Shrinking and restrictive civic spaces curtain young people’s right to advocate for their LGBTIQ+ rights.

This IDAHOT 2019 we call upon states to continue their initiatives to ensure that young people are meaningfully engaged in policy spaces. We recommend that states should continue to ensure safe and inclusive online and offline spaces for young people of diverse sexual and gender identities. States should proactively sensitize their various agencies in dealing with LGBTIQ+ persons effectively removing stigma and stereotyping. Finally, we urge states to adhere to their human rights commitments for young people without discrimination or prejudice based on sex characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

What does this year’s theme mean? Find full article and information here:

Justice and Protection for All!

“The latest ILGA global report on State-Sponsored homophobia lists 72 states that still criminalize same-sex sexual relations. In 45 of these States the law is applied to women as well as men. Many more States restrict the freedom of speech on gender and sexual diversities, or put other forms of legal pressure.

On the other hand, only 63 States provide some form of anti-discrimination protection and in some places, initial progress in Justice has been followed by regression.

This is why more legal and policy reforms are necessary to ensure Justice and Protection for all LGBTQI+ people.
But they alone cannot do everything. While social climates have in some places become better over the years, making people feel safer in their societies, in other places violence, including killings, and stigma have actually increased. Authoritarian and fascist regimes are on the rise and threaten Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms and we witness a worrying rise in attempts to whip up moral panics and to scapegoat LGBTQI+ people. And people with diverse gender identities or expressions are still the main targets of social violence and injustice.”

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