Hidden Dimensions: Self-Stigma and Discrimination Among Young People in Asia and the Pacific

Hidden Dimensions: Self-Stigma and Discrimination Among Young People in Asia and the Pacific



FOR RELEASE June 20, 2016

Media contact:

-Andrey Tran, andrey@youthvoicescount.org

-Alex-Quan Pham, alexqmpham@gmail.com


Youth Voices Count is excited to announce a new project!

The project will feature, in writing, a diverse set of stories and experiences around self-stigma.

Self-stigma centers around the idea that when we face discrimination and oppression, we absorb messages about ourselves that lead us to believe we are deserving of mistreatment. We want to highlight stories of how youth have dealt with low self-acceptance and feelings of self-hatred. We want to know what kinds of experiences at the doctor’s office, at school, at home, at work, or elsewhere that have led you to have negative thoughts or feelings about yourself.

So we need your help!

Everyone has a story to tell, and all of our journeys of valid.

We want you to highlight your story about your own journey. We want to know how you dealt with stigma in the past or are dealing with stigma in the present. How would you describe your own struggles with accepting yourself? What would you tell others who are dealing with similar issues?

Many young LGBTI people are discriminated against or even abused when they try to go to the doctor’s office to take care of their health. Some youth may face bullying from family members or classmates, while others might have a great support system. Our experiences are complicated and diverse.

We want to uplift your testimonies, triumphs, struggles, and other stories you want to share.

Why is it important to document and share our narratives?

We need more awareness around the issues that young men who have sex with men and young transgender people face. Our stories are important and deserve to be told. We can learn from our own journey and the journeys of others. By sharing our stories, we can empower one another to make changes in our communities and societies.

Our stories, our voices, will be brought together into a publication and used as evidence to advocate for ourselves and to raise awareness to everyone, including program designers and policy makers.

To men who have sex with men and transgender people ages 18 to 28 if you are interested in sharing your story with us, please send an email expressing your interest to andrey@youthvoicescount.org or alexqmpham@gmail.com with the subject line “Hidden Dimensions.”


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